Thursday, July 24, 2008

Parker Needs This

Despite all the mixed advice I've received on potty training, we're in full swing again. Today I found this on Isn't it awesome? We have the plain starter potty right now. Maybe when we get realllly good at it, we can upgrade to this model.

I don't want to jinx us by typing/(bragging) too much about the subject, but we've been having very good luck with Parker this week. Last weekend I think was a bit of a break through for us. He got to play naked outside at his grandparents', and I think he finally realized that he had 'control' and could make himself pee when he needed to. He gets so proud of him self when he sits down and does his business. For the last 2 days we've spent alot of time in the bathroom, hopefully its going to start paying off.
(Or he could just be a man and enjoy sitting on the toilet as long as possible?!?)


We 3 Peas said...

Wow, that's awesome!! WTG, Parker!! Keep up the good bowels. lol

What The Hell Is This? said...

The boys got one for Christmas. At first the flushing it is the biggest thrill. G actually uses it a bit right now.

What The Hell Is This? said...

Oh and check out Costco. they have it for 35.99 or something like that.

The Jordan's said...

Great Job, Parker!!!