Friday, August 8, 2008

Parker Had A Fight With The Floor

And the floor won.

Parker should, however, be given credit for his bravery to dive in head first against his ceramic tiled opponent. It happened so quickly, his dad and I are not 100 percent positive as to how he did it, but we do know that he ended up on the kitchen floor screaming with a massive knot on his head. There was no blood, but I've never seen a knot come up that big that quickly. Apparently thats a good thing.

Now me, being the first time over protective mother who has seen too many episodes of CSI, insisted that he be looked at by a doctor. Thankfully, he was checked out and was fine...probably just a little sore. I'm thinking its time we start considering investing in a helmet.


What The Hell Is This? said...

or Aflac.. we are really considering it with our two.

Poor Parker. :( and
Poor Momma...

I have learned this though.. if he hits concrete hard, the knot that pops up may be somewhat of a plateau... a little flat in the middle... apparently that is ok too.

The Jordan's said...

*sigh* Gotta love these crazy days!!! Glad Parky is okay! I really sometimes want to invest in a padded room...

BTW~ I saw the child concussion episode of CSI the day before Jazmine tried to put her head through the china cabinet. I was in the ER in 10 minutes.... :)