Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Transit

Well, we're doing it again. Packing up our lives in one city to move to another. Today begins our last week in Chattanooga. I'm hoping and praying we can find an apartment on Saturday, sign a lease and get moved half way across the state before Oct 6th. Think we can do it??

When we do move, I'm going to be staying home again with Parker, so I cross my heart that I'll get my blog up and rockin' again. (I gotta keep up with my mom...the blogging fool) So if I don't post it again, I'll say it for the last time - BYE CHATTANOOGA! We're out.


We 3 Peas said...

I know you guys will do it just fine! I will say a prayer anyway that all goes smoothly and you settle quickly. And how exciting that you'll be able to stay home with Parker again!

Braiden and Family said...

Im excited for you! This will be exciting for you, and you will have your sister!! Yeah! And yeah for staying home with Parker again, we miss you online....and I bet Parker will be happy to have his mommy home with him again!!