Monday, October 20, 2008


I recently became an Avon Representative. I've been ordering from a friend for a while, so I figured since I loved the products, I might as well give it a try for myself. Most of you can't be here and see my books in person, but you can still order off my website:

This website is great for all of you out of town friends because there is no due date for orders, you can pay instantly, and its shipped right to your house.
You'll need to register with the website before you start shopping. Make sure you check out the specials under each category.

Here are 2 of my favorite picks for this campaign:

Lip Swirls Gloss

Comes in 6 different shades. I love the pale shimmer color. Small, but not too little to find in your purse for just the right amount of color.

Eye Liner

I have 3 of these. LOVE 'em. I had never been a big eye liner user until I bought my first one of these. Oh, and they're cheaper if you buy them online versus out of a brochure.


We 3 Peas said...

Oh how cool! I'll definitely keep you in mind for when I need makeup. ;) That lip gloss looks great!

The Jordan's said...

That is great!!! I'll have to remember that. I used to love Mary Kay but nobody I know sells that any longer. Hey,maybe I'll like Avon better. :)