Monday, February 9, 2009

Mom's Dare Devil

We had a good weekend. Sunday Joey got to go to the gun show and buy a new toy! We also had a nice lunch together and got to take a stroll outside while we were waiting for Parker to come home from his grandparents. This time of year, alone time with Joey is rare so I enjoy what little I can get. :)

On Saturday we took Parker to a birthday party in Cookeville. There were inflatables there for the kids to bounce and slide on, and Parker had a blast! He only wanted to go down on his belly - face first!

There were circus themed games for the kids to play. Parker liked trying to ring the bell with the big hammer and knocking pins over with daddy.

We even got to play outside some too.


Braiden and his family said...

Yeah for Alone time with your MAN:) And Parker is just too cute! And what a birthday party you guys went too! Its more like a small amusement park! And that last pic is my new fav paker pic!!

We 4 Peas said...

Cute cute cute!! And it looks like it was a lot of fun.