Monday, April 27, 2009

What is your favorite...

I copied this off another blog I happened across. Copy mine and repost your answers. The rule is only one answer, but I say you can give two :)

What is your favorite..

TV show: currently American Idol or CSI

Makeup brand: Avon or Covergirl

Thing to do when you’re alone: eat or waste time on the internet

Website: perezhilton or my mom website

Number: 11

Car you’ve ever driven: Rav4

President: Andrew Jackson - I live right by his house

Item in your purse: Wallet

Person to text: Joey

Restaurant: hardest one. Olive Garden or ShoGun

Place to get away: the mountains...with my family

Mother Goose rhyme: What are little girls made of

Love song: Baby I love your way (ok-not really my favorite, just the first one I thought of)

Year: 2006 (minus December)

Subject in school: Recess!

Movie: Kill Bill

Time of the day: Naptime

Vacation spot: anywhere outside of TN

Place to shop: Target

Food to prepare: spaghetti

Blog: And Baby Made Three :)

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